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Wall Ideas
What to do with bare walls

Got bare walls? When you speak in your room, does the sound echo? If so, you need help! All you’ll need is some creativity, a little education, and maybe even a hammer (if you’re a do-it-yourselfer). Decorating is an art form! The next thing you’ll need to decide is what mood or feeling would you like to create? What colors are already present in your room? Are you after a soft, peaceful country setting or a bold, modern setting? Here are just some ideas on how you can use picture frames to brighten your home.

If you have light colored walls and flooring, use a contrasting colored picture frame to accentuate furniture colors. At the same time, if you have dark colored walls and flooring, bring out those colors even more by choosing a softer, colored picture frame. Instead of just looking at the open space on your walls, try looking at the complete picture of what you’re creating from wall to floor. You’ll get a better sense of what people really see when they walk into your home.

Add a new dimension to your wall by staggering the heights of various picture frames. Picture frames do not all need to be hung at the same height all the time. Staggering the positions of the picture frames will be eye catching and interesting for your viewer to see. You could do a “vee” positioning or even a zigzag positioning of your pictures. If you have furniture in the corners of your rooms, you could position the picture frames to point to the furniture to highlight it or point away from it to steer the eyes towards something else. It’ll add a nice accent and bring out the rich colors of your furnishings to an even greater degree.

Change the sizes of the picture frame you use to match the expanse of wall you are working with. Use smaller picture frames in cozy areas like bathrooms and hallways. For larger wall areas, use larger picture frames to accent ceiling heights. If you already have a bunch of small frames and have a large area to work with, try vertically aligning (stacking) your pictures to have a heightening effect. You could also have a large picture frame accented with a couple of smaller ones.

Try accenting bookshelves and tables with unique frames that reflect your personality. These areas are cozy. Use them to show a more intimate portion of your family life. For these areas, consider using paper picture frames or glass picture frames. Family photos work really nice in these areas. You could also consider contrasting your larger wall picture frames with creative and unique designs such as those found in our exotic import collection of frames.

There are many ideas you can use to create that special look in your home. It’s as easy as getting ideas and starting to let your mind flow! Once your mind starts working, you’ll start to see how just a few picture frames can really change the climate of your living area. Let picture frames accent the best in your home!


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